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We are LunaLabs Solutions

We're a company that works in IT, we develope program software (everything from web services to applications).

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What do we do?

We develope web services, applications, web pages...


We have a lot of expertise in different kinds of integrations between two or more information systems worldwide. If you search for a complete solution or just suggestions we are the right company to contact. So far, we have integrated many different vendors. Some of them are:
SAP - Akrapovič, Helios, HELIOS Orange, HELIOS Green, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft SharePoint, Perftech d.o.o. Perftech.Largo, Perftech d.o.o. Perftech.Ciklon, Bass d.o.o. Komunala info, ProBit d.o.o. CRM, I-Rose d.o.o. MSP, and more.


HERA application is intended for every used-vehicle selling company in Slovenia. Easy approach and constant consistency with legalization ensure carefree business. This means that our customer no longer has to be engaged in paperwork so much as before and also has current data about their vehicles, history, and business available all the time.


We offer web administration which covers content control which is presented on your web page, adding new content or removing old content. It is a simple yet very advanced and effective way of handling data. There is no hardcoded relation with your website model, which means flexibility, independent CMS compatible with your structure, named logins using standalone verification, LDAP compatible and also Wordpress capable login, and 24/7 support.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. It is meant to promote some of the most European Carnval rituals and the cultural and creative sectors associated with them. These events are an important part of Europe’s intangible cultural heritage. Our project, therefore, aims to bring greater attention to these events and create links among them, and, ultimately, to reinforce the idea of the common European cultural area and enhance the feeling of the common European identity.


Potni Nalogi is an application that offers the creation of a new travel order, concluding travel orders with all the calculations, travel order overview, many different exports into xslx spreadsheets or PDF, different auxiliary tables containing repetitive inserts for faster insertion, and simple user-friendly graphical interface.


Paper is no longer the only means of storing and moving data because of the growth of information technology. Information technology and e-business are more and more expanding their reach in both healthcare and social assistance. The scope of information and the need for data access and that kind of information forces us to search and use newer and more technologically suited solutions.


We're developing a growbox that will be able to grow plants independent of outside environment. Because of it's technical capabilities it will be the best on market. In the past they have tried to develope similar products but they lacked specific knowledge to unlock it's true potential. Our solution is better because we studied the process and product design for a lot of time before realisation. Success is guaranteed because of our vast knowledge.

mission, vision, goals, values

Our mission, vision, goals, and values


Our mission is to use our knowledge and expertise to help small and big companies keep the pace with information technology progress, to optimize their work processes, and to stay competitive in the market.


Our company is going to become recognizable and respected in the field of custom integration and mobile app development.
Until the year 2023, we will become one of the leading companies in custom integrations in Slovenia.
Until the year 2020, we will spread our business to the Central Europe area and in the next ten years to the global market.
Until the year 2020, we will also create a new category of the gaming industry. We will employ more specialists that will cover different fields of information technology and that will take head-on with specific problems.
We will actively influence other companies/individuals with our work and will achieve the growth of social responsibility globally.


Short term goals of our company:

  • To increase income for 100% compared with the last year
  • To employ at least two additional experts on custom integration
  • To start cooperating with at least three new business partners in the year 2019 and thus expand our business
  • To achieve international recognition for our GpsRacer project
Long term goals of our company:
  • We will achieve a recognizable trademark by means of responsible and good marketing
  • Increasing the number of our employees by 40% annually
  • Global recognition in mobile app development
  • To eliminate paper and help move companies to paperless work processes by means of digitalization. Thus, we will help companies to become environmentally friendly.
  • Development and implementation of our own new certificate that will abolish overtime for the employees and enable them a calm and comfortable working environment.


Responsiveness and flexibility:
Among our most important competitive advantages, there are our knowledge, capabilities, experiences, and inventiveness in business. We realize the tasks of our customers with adaptive and fast solutions.

Creativity and efficiency:
OOur solutions are the result of different views, discussions, and ideas of our employees who are encouraged to innovations and creativity. By means of creative thinking, we find the most effective solutions for our customers.

Responsibility and commitment
We expect the loyalty of our employees and responsibility to our goals. Responsibility and loyalty are the key factors for the success and effectiveness of the company as well as for its reputation in the business world.

Work ethics and humor
We take care of everyday fun in our working environment and cheerfulness of our employees which directly affects their satisfaction and motivation. Employees are committed to their tasks and achieve good results in a relaxed environment.


We present you our loyal team


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LunaLabs Solutions


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LunaLabs Solutions


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